Living the LimeLife, and Loving It!

Hi you guys!  It’s me Marnie!  Marnie? Yes, I’m still alive… no I didn’t drop off the face of the earth.   I know you haven’t heard much on the blog lately. That last bit of the school year, with schedules and events ect got a little crazy and with that, the extra time I’ve had outside those schedules, I’ve really tried to be present, physically and emotionally with my family. I was super cranky with everyone and just feeling like I was moving through the chaotic motions.  By the time summer came around, I was craving quality with them and desperately needed things to slow down for this summer to rebalance and reconnect. As summer is ending for us though, and the kids are heading back to school next week, I’m feeling ready to get to all the blog post ideas I’ve been jotting down the last few months that I’m really excited about.

One part of the blog I’m especially excited to grow is the natural beauty section. I was really having a hard time recommending a lot of makeup in that category, despite all my efforts in finding quality products. I tried a bunch of products that were okay, but definitely didn’t excite me. And I’m sure I’m not going to recommend “Meh” products to you all.  So not the point of the blog!

Then, one day, I saw a friend doing a makeup tutorial on Facebook. This is a friend who I used to work at the makeup counters with like 15 years ago if you can believe, and who is now an extremely successful makeup artist who runs her own Bridal makeup and hair company, with artists all over the US. I watched her video using this makeup that she uses in her makeup kit. I was in awe of how beautiful the makeup looked. But of course, she is a pro and uses pro makeup!  I kind of kept my eye on her tutorials to pick up any professional tips and tricks. LimeLife by Alcone was the line she was using and it was comprised from a compilation of different favorite brands from the umbrella company, Alcone Co, that have been used by makeup artists in film, tv, theater, and event makeup for over 60 years. I think I plugged LimeLife in a Pinterest search and one of the first things I saw was the skin care was cruelty, chemical, paraben, synthetic, dye free! That peaked my interest. Then, I saw the makeup was cruelty free, harsh chemical free, paraben free and everything that wasn’t vegan, they were working on making vegan! Hold the phone, WHAT? All this awesome makeup? No way! I contacted my friend Jami and had her confirm with me. I told her I was just looking for a few products to test out to feature on my blog if I liked them. We talked about the business opportunity with LimeLife a bit, but I really just wanted to try it out. To be honest, I really wasn’t interested in joining a Direct Sales company whatsoever. I definitely was a customer of many friends, and I loved to support them in their business, but this sort of thing wasn’t for me. Up until this point I had joined some companies, but purely for discount. I didn’t want to be the girl that showed up on everyone’s feed, being all salesy and leaving everyone thinking I drank the Koolaid. So what did happen was I ordered the foundation, the powder and the Blenderful sponge and I tried it out. Uuummm, to say it was the best foundation I’ve used was an understatement. I was so impressed with the coverage and the finish. I didn’t even feel like I had makeup on! So I became a customer. Well, it didn’t take long after I tried a few more products, including the skin care, which wasn’t even really on my radar at first, that I was hooked!

“Okay”, I thought, “let me look into what the deal is with joining this. I will definitely be recommending this, so let me just see what the commitment is and what all would be expected of me. Because if I have pressure or sales goals or autoship dealios, I’m running the other direction.”  She tells me in order to join, you buy the kit of skin care and makeup for $169. It has over $400 worth of product in it. I look at the kit and want everything of course, but I still wasn’t sure so I took a day to think about things.

I knew I loved the product already and I knew this would be the time to join since this company, that was just at the ground floor, only 3 years old, and not overly saturated already. I think the only thing that was in my way of me saying yes on the spot was me. I was scared to put myself out there in a Direct Sales position. But I made a deal with myself in my mid 30’s that I would try to put myself in more challenging, uncomfortable or scary positions in order to grow and learn about others and myself.

So the answer was ultimately yes!

And I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t drink the Koolaid, I drank a big ole glass of LimeLife Champagne, because this is a gem of a company. I love the products, the people, what the company stands for, and especially for their empowerment in women, not only in business, but in their personal happiness in life. I realized that it’s done differently with this company. LimeLife was not at all what I expected for a Direct Sales company! It truly is just people sharing their love for these products and a genuine enthusiasm for the mark that this profession makeup and luxury skin care line is going to make a mark on an industry that needs better quality products with better quality ingredients.

So, in telling you all that, I’d like to introduce you to my Good Clean Fun Beauty with Marnie section of Little Ducks Four that compliments the rest of the blog content. It will be the Beauty section of the blog focusing on natural beauty products, with fun tips, tricks, tutorials and videos.

I also started a VIP Facebook group, Good Clean Fun Beauty with Marnie , where you get inside info on new products and trends, get to participate in contests to win prizes, and participate in the banter of the group!  I’m so excited to feature LimeLife and share with you the products I’m hooked on! I’m so glad you all are here with me and I look forward to interacting with you on the comments on the Little Ducks Four, or over at my Facebook Group, Good Clean Fun Beauty with Marnie !

And if you are at all curious to see how it all works yourself, click LimeLife Opportunities




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