Sick Day Survival Kit

You wake up in the middle of the night with a sick child and are up all hours comforting your child, throwing things into the laundry, crouching down in the bathroom to hold hair while rubbing backs with sympathy.  Or even this sick joke of a scenario.  YOU wake up in the middle of the night and are up all hours getting sick and feeling like death warmed over.  Morning comes and not only do you realize you aren’t ready for a sick day, but you realize you have to no way to take care of yourself AND that you still need to take care of everyone else!

We are in the thick of cold and flu season and it seems like families everywhere are getting hit right and left!  Even though I’m trying my best to keep everyone healthy, it is only a matter of time until someone falls sick.  My mom tells me, usually when I’m sick and calling my own mommy for comfort, “you should always have a sick kit on hand just in case.”  I usually try to keep a few items stashed away, but I haven’t been the best at it lately.  So I decided to throw one together to keep safe on a top shelf for when we need it.

Here is what I did:

Sick Day Survival 2 .jpg


Kleenex– Bless you!!  Have you ever been sick and gone through an entire box?

Paper Towels– For messes and wiping down every surface in sight!

Thieves Cleaner– Not only is this a non toxic cleaner, the essential oil Thieves is known to boost the immune system and keep the “crud” away.  Other items I always have on hand is the Thieves Hand Sanitizer, Thieves Hand Soap and my most recent obsession, the Thieves Lozenges.  Young Living actually has an awesome Thieves Starter Kit that has a lot of the items included.  If you get the starter kit, you can be a member, which gets you 24% off your orders.   If you want to stock up on Thieves, visit here!  I won’t go without it!

Thermometer– No searching around for the thermometer.  I don’t know why ours usually goes missing and I always find it in the most random spots.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  When your temperature is a few degrees above that, your body is fighting infection.  If the fever goes above 102 degrees Fahrenheit, there should be concern and at that time treatment should be initiated.

Heating Pad– Get warm and comfy while you rest and binge watch Netflix series.  We have an older version on this one that we’ve had forever!!

Ginger Ale–  Probably not the best thing to have because of all the sugar, but sometimes nothing else tastes as good to someone sick.  My kids always want Ginger Ale when they are sick.  I usually use this one because of the higher ginger content and the use of cane juice to sweeten.

Saltines Crackers– Pretty much a sickness staple.  A bland food, high in starch, to soak up stomach acids that are causing nausea.

Bone Broth– Filled with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, bone broth has been said to aid to the immune system.  These sippers are perfect for your kit as they also have ginger in them to help sooth tummies.

Elderberry Syrup–  Studies say that Elderberry Syrup can reduce the swelling in the respiratory passages.  It is also widely known that this powerful syrup has anti viral properties that can be used for preventative measures and also can lessen the duration of sickness.  This is the kind we are using currently.  The kids love the taste!

Chicken Noodle Soup Packs– Homemade is probably better, but for emergency situations, and low freezer storage space, packs of soup is great to have to pull out when needed.

Applesauce– Gentle on tummies and contains Pectin that can help reduce symptoms of diarrhea

Activated Charcoal– At the first sign of a stomach bug, I break out the Activated Charcoal. Two capsules for me and my husband, every few hours.  We don’t exceed 4 doses and we drink a ton of water with it.  The kids, mine are 5 and 8, take one capsule in about 8 oz of 100% grape juice (to disguise the black color).  The sooner you start, the better is what I’ve found.  Activated charcoal is non toxic and has been used for its absorptive qualities on stomach bugs and even food poisoning.  It can absorb medication and supplements, so just be aware before using.  I’m not a doctor, obviously, so I’m just going to tell you what works for my family.   Please do your research.

Coconut Water– A natural way to hydrate and replenish electrolytes.  My kids like this one because of the added pineapple flavor.

Epsom Salt– 1-2 cups Epsom Salt and a few drops of essential oils added to a bath makes for a great detox bath to help you heal.  I personally only use this for me and Brandon and not the kids.  If the kids swallow the bath water at all, it could cause sudden diarrhea. Um, no thanks!  Not that they would take more than one sip though, because although it’s only magnesium sulfate, it tastes like straight up poison.  I think they say it is safe for kids over 6 though.  I just haven’t introduced an Epsom Salt Bath to the kids just yet.

Digize– Essential Oil- Mix with a carrier oil to apply over stomach or behind the ears to support a healthy digestive system.  You can also diffuse Digize as well.

R.C Essential Oil– This essential oil is said to support a healthy lung function and respiratory system.  Put 10 drops in a bowl of hot water, dip a towel in, wring it out and apply to chest to make a warm compress. You can also apply R.C to chest and/or the back of ears.  Just be sure to dilute with a carrier oil properly for children.

“Ick Be Gone” – Essential Oil Roller Blend.  I apply this at the first signs of anyone feeling “icky”.

Ick Be Gone roller.jpg


I feel so relieved that I am prepared for whenever those yucky school germs come home to infect us all!  I’m going to stick it up on a top shelf, so my kids won’t ravage the saltines and applesauce, and it will be waiting for us just when we need it.

I hope this gave you some ideas to stock up for a kit for your home!  Don’t be ill prepared.  And yes, the pun was intended.


* I’m stressing this again, even though it may shock you, I am not an actual doctor.  Just a mom!  I’m in no way telling you how to treat your own family or illnesses, I’m just letting you know what I do for my family based off research I’ve done myself.

*disclaimer this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry, I always believe in the products I endorse. By clicking links and purchasing, I do made a small commission, because, who doesn’t love a little extra income, am I right?



  1. Stacy

    January 17, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    Great tips! You’re right, sometimes something fizzy just tastes good! Several of these, include Young Living’s Thieves cleaner, Thieves essential oil, RC, Digize, and Peace & Calming essential oil are in our arsenal too!

    1. littleducksfour

      January 23, 2018 at 8:11 pm

      Thank you Stacy!! So glad you keep stocked up as well!!! Peace & Calming is a good one to remember too!!

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