Taking a Rain Check on New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year you guys!!!  2018!!!  It’s going to be a great year because it is an even year, right? As it is already January 10th today, you can see I did not just enthusiastically jump back in the schedule ready to go.  In fact, it has been more of a slow, lethargic crawl into the New Year.  You see, the time before Christmas, when I’m in full on family photography mode, and with our nuts schedule (when the kids have a thousand and one school events, and gift exchanges, and teacher conferences and extra curricular activity wrap ups), all the way through Christmas and then traveling through New Year’s Day, that all was a marathon.  I ran that marathon the best I could!  I ran my little heart out.  I think I deserve an award and a round of applause, in fact, for simply getting my own Christmas card out this year!!!  “Thank you, thank you everyone”, I say with an honored bow.

No, in all seriousness, I have been a photographer for 4 years.  I’ve enjoyed taking photos of so many wonderful families and I feel so proud every time one of my clients sends me their holiday cards that I contributed to.  In 4 years I have not gotten it together to send out OUR family Christmas cards.  Super proud, but even this year, it barely happened.  It was more of a “Wait!!  Everyone freeze!!  Before we take the tree in, plop down here, smile and just act happy for maybe 5 minutes of your time!!!”  Surprisingly everyone pulled it together and didn’t give me too much grief.  I think it turned out well for a self portrait though!!  And if you did not get one of these rare Cundiff Family Christmas cards, please don’t feel hurt.  I said I was proud at my getting a card out.  Not at my ability to drum up addresses.  Next year I will try to tackle both, I promise!!  I love you all and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!!

After we rang in the New Year, I went on Facebook and got bombarded with New Year’s Resolutions content. Holy moly!  After reading the first 50 posts I threw my phone on the bed in disgust.  “Ugh!!!  I CANNOT.”  Hello!!!  I just finished the beforementioned marathon!!!  I had so much fun,  I was present, I was happy, but by the end I was exhausted.  Wasn’t everyone else there too?  How does everyone else have their crap together to state to the world what they want to accomplish this year!!??  Plans to get healthy, plans to get organized, plans to be better quit bad habits, plans to be better people!!!  How about plans to just calm the anxiety I’m having just reading about your plans??!!  While I’m not faulting anyone for having resolutions to do better this year whatsoever, I , myself, am not ready to tackle New Year’s Resolutions.  That’s why I’ve decided to take a big ole Rain Check.  Stating a New Year’s Resolution at this point, for me, would be just setting myself up for failure.  I’m going to take January to figure out my plans, but not for this year.  I think I can really just handle 3 months at a time.  2018 part 1,2,3, and 4. This way I can reevaluate every 3 months to make short term resolutions!  So my resolutions for 2018 Part 1 are as follows:

Keep control of my pesky anxiety that makes things like New Years Resolutions seem overwhelming.

Be more accepting of my current self. Quiet the noise that is saying “Be the New You in 2018”.  How about,  “Try Your Best in 2018”?  Did I?  Yeah, I think I did just take that lesson from a Pete the Cat book I was reading with Levi.  I like it!!

Be healthier. And by healthier I mean, don’t eat every iced cookie you see and drink wine by the goblet like it’s the holidays anymore.  So just go back to eating like I was before it all went out the window in December.

Get Active.  Okay, that sounds like a normal resolution, but again, it’s just returning to what I was doing in 2017.  Walking and the occasional at home workout.  I’m not going to commit to anything new and crazy just yet.  I’m giving myself until part 2 to work up to that!

Finish watching all the Harry Potter movies as a family….. wait, I think that is just a goal.  So looks like I will start there because all it involves is getting in my comfy cozies, and snuggling with my family.  See what happens when you set realistic goals for yourself!!??  Oh yeah!!!!!




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