Trunk Club Review 3

This is a total “Drive By” Trunk Club Review because I’m swamped with photo editing for the holiday season.  But I couldn’t skip sharing this awesome Trunk!!  Ran home from school pickup, hair still wet, to do this so I could get my Trunk back on the fifth day.

So, just just like the other reviews, here’s how Trunk Club works:

  1. Sign up for Trunk Club here if you haven’t already.
  2. Message or request a call for a styling consultation with your appointed stylist so they can get to know a bit about you and what you are looking for.
  3. Be specific as you can on what you like and don’t like.  I forwarded my “Style Inspiration” Pinterest board to her to get a better feel for what I gravitate towards.
  4. Your stylist will send you a preview of about 10 items that you will go through and mark which ones you like and which ones not to send.  If you mark “Do Not Send” to any items, the stylist will put a few more surprises in there for you.
  5. Get your Trunk delivered to your doorstep and celebrate like it’s Christmas morning.
  6. You have 5 days to try on your clothes within the comfort of your own home.  Try them on, annoy everyone you know by sending them pics, asking opinions, and debating on why you should or should not keep items.
  7. Send back the clothes you don’t want with a prepaid shipping label and drop off at UPS or schedule a home pickup.
  8. Wear your new fashionable clothes and act like you are totally put together!

Here is what my amazing stylist sent me!

Lover Rib Split Back Pullover- Free People 

In the preview I wasn’t sure about this one, but on it is adorable and so comfy!!  It’s a relaxed fit so I can be muffin topping and nobody would know, and then there is the split back detail that makes it a little sexier.  The rust color has enough pink undertones that it is very flattering for skin tone.  The fabric is so soft, on the lighter side, but still warm.

High Waist Slim Straight Leg Jeans William Wash- Madewell

I don’t know why, but in my head I just decided that the whole high waisted pant them wasn’t for me and they would end up looking like “Mom Jeans”.  I’m not sure if it was the particular pair that was, well, “made well”, or if I’m getting to the point where I just think, “F it, these are comfy and I’m wearing them.  So what of it?”  Not even sure if they were in fact cute on me, but the extra waist height gave me a little added support for my belly that I rather enjoyed.  LOL.  I’m thinking Turkey Day pants!?  If you ask me, rolls don’t really exist if they are contained!

Leila Bootie- Toms 

I have another pair of Toms booties and they are so comfy!!  They have little tassels in the back!  These were adorable and I love the height of them for these short legs, but I think they run a little narrow.  Now, just as a point of reference, I have frying pans for feet, so what I think is narrow, may not be the same for you.  I do really like these and they come in a brown color I’m milling over too.  So my stylist is sending me a half size up to see if that helps.  Crossing my fingers!


orange outfit 1orange outfit 2orange outfit 3

Ruffle Hem Top- Chelsea28

Really cute, comfortable and soft shirt.  Pretty simple.  Love the ruffle hem detail and the color, well, it matches my lipstick, so obviously I love it.

Tina Bootie- Caslon

I’ve been on the lookout for this color of bootie and these are such a great pair!  Very comfortable and there is a lift, but the heel isn’t too high.  I could see wearing these for many hours and not having any issues.

Plaid Oblong Scarf- BP.

I couldn’t tell by the photo in the preview, but this scarf is almost exactly the same as another scarf I have with reds, greens and tan rather than this orange combo.  It’s very soft and cozy and would be the perfect accessory to any fall or winter outfit.  I wear my other scarf all the time!



Ruffle Asymmetrical Blouse- Gibson

I’m not sure if the picture does this justice, but I am in LOVE with this blouse!!  It is so pretty and flowy, and I love the sleeves despite having flashes of them dragging in my kids food.  Stop talking practical Mom self, get the blouse!!!  I put this on and exclaimed, “I’m wearing this to Thanksgiving this year!”  And nobody cared.  But I did!!  Visions of this flowy blouse and my high waisted jeans sucking my overstuffed belly… it was ALL coming together!!!



Drop Waist Sweatshirt Dress- Socialite 

I think he missed me today.  My little helper was there while I tried this on and told me I looked fancy.  If fancy is wearing the softest and most comfy dress ever made.  That being said, if I lifted my arms, I would be the most inappropriate Mom on the block.  Yikes!  I’m listening to this practical Mom voice when she tells me, “But if you’re at the grocery store and you have to reach something on the top shelf…..”.  Embarrassing for everyone people.




My stylist did a fabulous job once again!!  I loved it all, plain and simple! Let me know what you think of this Trunk.  If you want to work with my stylist and get cute clothes like this sent to your house to avoid the holiday shopping madness, just click here.             Looking at my watch and I’ve gotta get my buns back to editing!!  Families have Holiday Cards to get out!!  See you guys soon!!



*disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry, I always believe in the products I endorse. By clicking links and purchasing, I do made a small commission, because, who doesn’t love a little extra income, am I right?




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