Halloween Hangover: A True Story

Dressed up in costume, the children in delight,
Begged at a million doors on Halloween night.
They marveled as they dumped out all their loot.
Mom says “Pick out 4 candies and a Rice Krispies to boot!”
“Ok”,  said the kids as they snuck in more than a few.
Soon, to bed, they were carrying up the passed out two.
Halloween is over, but no the scares are not done.
Morning wake-up proved monsters replaced the daughter and son.
The growling and grunting zombies raised out of their bunk,
And Mom thinks, “oh crap, is it too early to get drunk?”
Ugh, Halloween Hangover is the name of the game!
All the fun we had last night suddenly feels lame.
Because tummies are hurting, and crankiness on a “Level High”.
Dressing turned into throwing themselves on the floor for a good cry.
As the kids are at school getting prizes of MORE candy,
Mom’s post-Halloween isn’t getting much more dandy.
A dog downed a kid’s candy when Mom briefly walked out the door.
No worries about the chocolate, it all came back out on the floor!
After-school attitudes were the cherry on the top of this fine day.
As Mom bans candy, the kids say “But hey!!”
She feels no remorse because she knows it’s just begun.
The holidays are approaching with all sorts of fun.
Moms not a jerk and will let them rejoice in the season.
But if you hand her kids more candy THIS week you will give her a reason
To nunchuck you without flinching at all,
While she smiles and says, “Enjoy the rest of your Fall!”


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