Baseball Snack Ready!

“Baseball Ready!”  It’s a term I’ve picked up since Levi started baseball this year.  To me, it means, “Levi, get your mitt off your face and pay attention to the batter so you don’t get hit by a ball for goodness sakes!”  The league he is playing in includes all ages ranging from 5 to 8.  Levi is 5 and is just really learning the basics of the game, whereas some of the older boys have been playing a few years and are really honing in on their skills.  There is a huge skill difference within those age ranges.  Some of the players on our team are so good!!  The older boys have not once made the younger boys feel bad if they just casually watch a ball roll by them, strike out repeatedly, throw the ball in the wrong direction etc.  They have been nothing but encouraging and inclusive.  Just a bunch of great boys who I’m glad Levi can look up to.

This week is our first snack week for the team.  In thinking of what we were going to bring, I was excitedly talking to my husband about all the themey things I wanted to include.   “I could do this.  Or this!  Or wouldn’t it be cute if I put in that?”  He just kinda laughed at me and said, “You are silly.  Just keep it simple!”

“UUUUUMMMMM, excuse me, have we met????  I can’t do a baseball snack without a baseball theme???”

So here is what I came up with.  I didn’t go overboard, but I did stay a little themey.  I’m definitely not going to win any awards for healthiest snack, so my crunchy mom friends, just cover your eyes.  I’ve completely abandoned you for the sake of a solid theme!

Baseball Snack Ready 3.jpg

Cracker Jacks

Big League Chew

Baby Ruth Bars

Cheese Dip and Cracker Sticks

Sourdough Pretzels

Honest Kids Juice Box

Baseball Snack Ready 1

When Levi saw all the bags lined up, he gasped, “those are the COOLEST!!!”  I hope there are many many many many years that go by before he starts to think I’m embarrassing!!

Let’s Go BRAVES!!!



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