‘Cream Soda’ Hair

After I made my hair appointment a couple weeks out, I procrastinated in deciding what I wanted to get done until the day before.  I knew I needed a change going into Fall and, although I loved sporting blonde this summer, my roots are showing up darker as I’m not out in the sun as much. So, I started looking through Pinterest for ideas to bring into my hair stylist.  I need an in between color that isn’t going to completely wash me out.  As I’m scrolling down, I see this image.


“Oh, I like that shade!”  And then I see the title, “Cream Soda is the Hottest Hair Color Trend for Fall.” It’s described by the famous hair stylist (just giving credit here as I have no idea who this actually is), Sunnie Brook, who came up with this trend, as “beige brown and warm gold tones in it.  The lighter accents give it a creamy good tone but the lowlights of a translucent (versus pigmented brown) ground the color.”  Yeah, no idea, but the articles really had me at the whole, “you can go longer between appointments” thing.  I mean, when the “rooty” look started to be popular, I was completely thrilled!  Also, I’ll have to admit, even though this shade could be considered a thousand other names that describe a “beige blonde with warm hues”, I was really drawn to a having a hair color with an such delicious name!  And if Gigi Hadid is sporting this look, then I have to have it…… pfft.

So, I when I went to my salon and asked for ‘Cream Soda’ hair, my hair girl looked at me all confused.  “What?  You haven’t heard of the hot new Fall “it” shade that was just announced a week ago apparently?”  Hahahah!  I laughed, expecting her puzzled look.  I showed her the photo and we came up with an idea to achieve our version of the hair color.  I absolutely love the results!  I’m all ready for Fall!  And I can say I’m “on trend”, you know for street cred at school pick up.

Oh, and by the way, my Trunk Club stylist sent me the BlankNYC Suede Jacket that was out of stock before! We are just going to call it an early Birthday present.  Isn’t it so cute?!!Cream Soda Hair Trend 1Cream Soda Hair Trend 2

If you want to read about this new hair trend for fall, here are the two articles I referenced.


L.A.’s “Cream Soda” Hair Trend Is Now Sweeping New York



“Cream Soda” Is the Hottest Hair Color Trend for Fall


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