Trunk Club Review 2

I was going to hold off for a couple months before scheduling my second Trunk, but I could not help myself!  I think it is that I’m so ready for Fall clothes!!!  No matter it is going to be another fabulous 90 degree late September day here in Georgia.  Ugh.  That can’t stop me from stocking up on cute Fall Fashions though, especially with the help of my stylist at Trunk Club making me look cute and way less unfortunate in the style department.

So, just as a review, here’s how Trunk Club works:

  1. Sign up for Trunk Club here if you haven’t already.
  2. Message or request a call for a styling consultation with your appointed stylist so they can get to know a bit about you and what you are looking for.
  3. Be specific as you can on what you like and don’t like.  I forwarded my “Style Inspiration” Pinterest board to her to get a better feel for what I gravitate towards.
  4. Your stylist will send you a preview of about 10 items that you will go through and mark which ones you like and which ones not to send.  If you mark “Do Not Send” to any items, the stylist will put a few more surprises in there for you.
  5. Get your Trunk delivered to your doorstep and celebrate like it’s Christmas morning.
  6. You have 5 days to try on your clothes within the comfort of your own home.  Try them on, annoy everyone you know by sending them pics, asking opinions, and debating on why you should or should not keep items.
  7. Send back the clothes you don’t want with a prepaid shipping label and drop off at UPS or schedule a home pickup.
  8. Wear your new fashionable clothes and act like you are totally put together!

This trunk was a little smaller than the last one, only because there were two things that ended up being out of stock.  But my stylist is actually sending me both items to try on this week as they came in after the trunk sent out.  I still had some really cute items to choose from!  I also love that in my styling notes, she incorporated items from my last trunk to pair with these outfits!  Notice my Madewell T-Shirt?  She also paired a suede jacket, one of the items that is coming this week, with the Adelyn Rae Dress I kept!  For this trunk I requested to transition into Fall clothes despite being in the south, which my stylist takes into consideration.  I also told her I was looking to maybe try a Moto Jacket and that I needed some stuff to go with my new black leather Vans that I’m completely obsessed with!!  Girls, if you don’t have these adorable slip on shoes, and you require comfy kicks while you are running around after kids, you need to get some!

Leith Shawl Collar Cardigan– This cardigan is so comfy cozy!!!  It is pretty light weight and a beautiful maroon color.  It is a perfect throw on piece to complete any casual Fall outfit.  I will most likely be living in this soft sweater all season long.  Is it sad I’m thinking this is also going to double as an acceptable housecoat replacement?  Like, if I’m wearing this with my pjs, am I technically dressed then?

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings–  I may have squealed a little when I pulled these out!!  I am in LOVE!  First of all, I’ve never owned anything by Spanx, but man, these really do suck everything in!!  I really like how they come up to the top of your waist for a really comfortable and slimming fit.  These versatile leggings can be dressed up with a cute sweater or down with a t-shirt and sneakers.  And did I mention they are super comfy?  Um yeah!  They are leggings!  And faux leather, so edgy leggings!? Pretty much a no brainer for me!

Sept Trunk Club 1Sept Trunk Club 2

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Hinge Print V Neck Top–  This is a lightweight, a little shear, floral print top.  I liked the pattern and colors, but there were two things I didn’t love about it.  First of all, the front came down a little low.  It’s a little clear even by this photo where the top of my bra is coming out a bit.  Sorry!  Realized that after the pics were taken.  I kept having to fix it, which automatically makes it too high maintenance for me.  I could wear a camisole underneath, but I feel like I wouldn’t want to see that either.  The second thing is, there are some cuts of shirts that make me look, well, “shouldery” and this is one of those.
Caslon Skinny Cargo Pant–  I was slightly concerned with these when they came in because they are a size 28.  I can maybe pull that off when I haven’t been neglecting any sort of portion control, but that isn’t the case at all it seems.  I was actually surprised though and I WAS able to button them up and breathe even!!  Cute style, just found myself having to pull them up a bunch because of the crotch length.  I think maybe longer legged gals wouldn’t have an issue with this.
Free People Saturday Morning Cardigan–  My husband crinkled his nose when I showed him this sweater.  His exact words were, “it’s huge, and it has holes.”  Hahahah!  I actually sort of liked this style.  I don’t mind the oversized sweater or the “holes” 😉  I’m not sure if I like the color of this though.  I just wasn’t wowed by this sweater and for the price, I think on sale for about $100, I just don’t think I will keep.  What are your thoughts on this sweater?
September Trunk Club 5Sept Trunk 3
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Halogen Quilted Faux Leather Jacket  Okay, I need help on this one!!  I’m undecided.  I really love the quality of this jacket.  It is so soft and feels like real leather to me.  I’m just not sure on the style of this Moto jacket.  I think I was envisioning the collar being a little different.  I kept wanting the collar to stay open.  But maybe I like it?  I’m not sure!  Help me out!

Bauble Bar Picasso Necklace–  This necklace is really cute!  I like that it is longer and the quality of it was really nice.  And I need jewelry!  My accessory department is a little scarce at the moment.  I think it all just depends on whether or not I get the leather jacket.

Trunk Club 4Sept Trunk 7Sept Trunk 6

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Okay, give me your comments!!  What did you think of this Trunk?  Just got notification of my next Trunk coming in October!!  Stay tuned!
*disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry, I always believe in the products I endorse. By clicking links and purchasing, I do made a small commission, because, who doesn’t love a little extra income, am I right?


  1. Michelle

    September 26, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    You are so cute in all of them! Great review. Thanks.

    1. littleducksfour

      September 26, 2017 at 6:47 pm

      Thanks so much Michelle! Sometimes with these Trunks I just hope I don’t “LOVE” everything. You know, for my wallet’s sake! LOL!

    1. littleducksfour

      November 14, 2017 at 12:08 pm

      Thanks so much!

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