Coffee Filter Fall Leaves

Hurricane Irma ripped through Georgia on Monday.  Today, the kids were still out of school due to 10 schools in our district still being without power.  After days inside with crumby weather, today was absolutely beautiful.  After the storm the sun will shine!!  There was a chill in the air and it just felt like Fall finally.  It got me in the mood for a Fall activity with the kids.  I didn’t even go out to get anything, I just assessed what we already had in the house.  I was so happy how these turned out, and even more thrilled that I sort of tricked the kids into creating a really cute Fall decoration for the house while getting the stir crazies out at the same time!


Unbleached Coffee Filters (Natural Brown)

Crayola Markers

Squirt Guns




Coffee Filter Leaves 1


Lay out two layers of newspaper or craft paper.  We did this activity outside so we could get really messy without worrying.  Put out the desired amount of coffee filters and let the kids have at them with Fall colored markers.  Make sure to warn them that once you spray them, their picture will disappear.  I was sort of worried about this with Levi since he was really particular about his drawings.  I made sure to mention it a few times to be sure he was prepared.

Coffee Filter Leaves 19

Let the kids spray their squirt guns at the coffee filters.  A few sprays on each one is enough to make the colors bleed without letting the marker run through.

Allow the filters to dry.  In the sun it took about 30 minutes.

Coffee Filter Leaves 16

To make the leaves, fold the coffee filter in half, and then in half again.  Accordion fold the filter at that point.

Unfold the filter and fold it back in half to make a semicircle.

Coffee Filter Leaves 10

Take your scissors to cut different patterns to add a variety of leaves.  Use the accordion folds as guides.  Pull the ends of the accordion together and wrap about 10 times and tie off  with a little bit of extra thread left hanging off.

Once the leaves are all done, lay out the desired amount of twine.  Ours measured out to be about 50 inches and we placed the leaves on about every 4 inches.  It is completely up to you on how many leaves you want to fit on there and how close you want them.  Tie the leaves on the twine with the extra thread you left over on each leaf and cut off the excess when it is secure.

Coffee Filter Leaves 3Coffee Filter Leaves 4

And there you go!!  Hang on a doorway or decorate a festive Fall tablescape!!  How cute are these?  The kids kept saying, “Those look like REAL leaves Mom!  And we MADE them!!”

Coffee Filter Leaves 2


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