Spooky Halloween Ice Cubes

I usually laugh at all the holiday retail that comes out months before anyone is ready for that particular holiday.  Halloween is one of those holiday that I don’t actually mind stuff coming out so early.  I LOVE Halloween!!  It’s one of my favorite holidays!! I apologize for the post two months early!  I’m starting to see Halloween ideas pop up on Pinterest, so I took that as permission to proceed.  If you are not mentally ready for Halloween yet, no worries, just Pin it and save it for later!

We were at the Dollar Tree yesterday and found some adorable Halloween molds amongst other fun items.  I decided that Activated Charcoal was the perfect thing to make these spooky cubes black.  I have used Activated Charcoal in a homemade lemon drink I whip up when we get yucky tummies so I knew I could use it in something like this.  (Ingesting Activated Charcoal can help absorb toxins in the body and can generally be used for everyday health on the inside and outside of the body.  It is also said to absorb prescription medication when taken too, so just do your own research.  Even though these cubes have very little charcoal in them, if you are concerned, check with your doctor first.)  Because I used lemon in the black drink I’ve made before, we used lemon in the ice cubes, but you could just eliminate the lemon if you don’t want it to alter the taste of your drink. The Activated Charcoal itself does not have a taste at all.

Here is how we made our Spooky Halloween Ice Cubes.

What You’ll Need

Silicone Halloween Molds

Activated Charcoal– 3 capsules

1 Lemon- juiced

1 Cup Distilled Water

Medicine Syringe or a Dropper

Halloween Ice Cubes 3

Put Distilled water in a measuring up, add lemon juice and just the powder of the Activated Charcoal capsules.  Stir until combined.  Take your syringe to transfer black liquid into the molds.  I filled the whole skull and only the spiders and the webs on the other mold.  The syringe is nice to be able to suck up extra liquid to make it go exactly where you want to keep it.  Stick them in the freezer. Once the spiders and webs are frozen, fill up the rest of the mold with water and freeze.

Halloween Ice Cubes 1Halloween Ice Cubes 2

Plop these cute cubes into your favorite blood red or pumpkin orange drink and throw a cute Halloween straw in it and voila!!  A Spooky detail sure to be a hit!  Wouldn’t these be so cute to use for your next Halloween bash?!

Halloween Ice Cubes 6Halloween Ice Cube 5Halloween Ice Cubes 4

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