A Quick Trip to Asheville- Where We Stayed, What We Ate and The Woody Wagon We Bought!?

So this is how this all went down.  Brandon had an old Bronco that he fixed up.  People started coming out of the woodwork making him offers on this car.  At the gas station, people at work, and finally, someone leaving a note on the car in our driveway!  Sounds totally stalker creepy, but the guy ended up living down the street and was really a nice guy.  Initially Brandon was not motivated to sell it, but an offer was made that he would be silly to turn down, so he accepted it.  The Bronco sort of fell in his lap in the first place, but before that, we had been discussing buying an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer.  We actually have been talking about it since the early days of being married. So when we got wind of one in for sale that was in good shape and a great deal, we all jumped in the car and rode to Asheville NC to pick it up!

Where We Stayed

Because we were only going to be there for the night, I decided to use Priceline to book a hotel.  This was the first time I had used Priceline and it turned out to be a great decision.  We put in the area of Asheville, the minimum amount of star rating we wanted and the date we were visiting and got our results.  We ended up picking the 4 Star Hotel Deal.  You get a certain price and they place you in a hotel, without letting you know ahead of time what the hotel would be.  In our case, after booking, we found out we were getting to stay right downtown at the Hotel Indigo, an IHG hotel.

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The Hotel Indigo was everything we needed for this trip downtown Asheville.  The staff was friendly and very accepting of children, especially two very excited and wild kids who were ready to explore.  The rooms were clean and modern with touches of Asheville  style.  We had a great view of downtown as well as some beautiful mountains in the background.  Because you don’t have the option to self park at the hotel, one of the most convenient parts of staying there was we were within walking distance of a bunch of restaurants, shops and even a little festival that was going on.

What We Ate

If you’ve ever been to Asheville, one thing you know is that you are going to eat well.  With an abundance of amazing restaurants to choose from, we enlisted the help of our friends who live there.  They were going to be out of town that weekend, which was a bummer, but they helped us out by recommending one of their favorite dinner spots, Zambra Wine and Tapas Bar.  For someone who is guilty of trying everyone else’s food when we go out to eat, I absolutely love Tapas style meals.  Lots of little plates means I get the variety of many types of food without my stingy family smacking my hands away from their plates.

The restaurant was dimly lit and adorned with Moroccan and Spanish accents with archways, columns and textured walls.  The tables were all really close together and I think the table next to us was initially worried when we sat down next to them with two young kids.  But the kids were very well-behaved and really into trying all the different kinds of food we ordered.  From Hanger Steak to Pork Belly to Octopus, we tried to order a variety of foods for everyone to try.  The kids favorite was the Spring Rolls and we ordered an extra one for them after they scarfed them down.  Notice I did not get a picture of them even on the second round!  That’s how fast they went!  All the food was amazing and I didn’t feel like I needed to be rolled out of there when we were done.  But the night was young and there was still room for dessert.


After dinner we wanted to walk to around to look for a dessert place.  We came upon The French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  Oh my goodness, look at the cases of truffles, chocolate mousse, cookies and all around deliciousness!!  It was hard to decide what to get!  Cici got the chocolate mousse, Levi ordered a salted caramel ice-cream and Bran and I chose a box of assorted truffles.  Perfectly sweet way to end a fun night in Asheville.



The Woody Wagon

The next morning we went to pick the car up.  It is in really good shape, but we have some work to do still.  Brandon has some grand ideas on what he wants to do with it.  I can’t wait to show you our progress as we restore what is now nicknamed “The Old 96’er” (not for the year of the car, but as homage to The Great Outdoors).  We bought a Woody Wagon and we are in LOVE with it!!




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