Time Management Tools For Kids

There are some days that we have a hard time staying on task.  Running behind, moving at the pace of snails, rushing, arriving disheveled.  It can be a lot on early mornings to keep everyone moving and doing what they need to in order to get out the door.  I’m trying to encourage my children to explore their independence so they can eventually function as responsible humans one day.  Being able to prioritize and manage their own time can build their confidence and lessen feelings of frustration and anxiety from being rushed.  All that, and let’s be real for a moment, I need them to start doing stuff for themselves so I don’t lose my mind!  I wanted to share some tools that have helped the kids in managing their own time, and thought they could possibly help at your house as well!

Alarm Clocks–  Alarm clocks are not only used to notify when it’s time to get up, they can let the child know when not to get up. The OK To Wake! Alarm and Nigh-Light  is an adorable clock that glows green when it’s time to wake up.  Parents can program it to the time they wish the child to wake up.  I know a lot of times my kids would wake up and they were confused or not sure what time it was.  Looking over to see that the light wasn’t green yet told them it was okay to go back to sleep.  More sleep for everyone means more time and energy in the morning.

Cici loves to set her alarm at night and she is the first one to pop up in the morning when it goes off.  It’s such a nice way for the kids to start their morning routine before they even come downstairs where I’m usually fixing breakfast and packing lunches already.  This Happy Wake Up Light gradually wakes you up with the dawn light setting, and puts you to bed at night with the dusk light setting.  It also has sounds of nature vs a loud ringing of an alarm.  A less stressful way to wake up.

Responsibility Chart–  If your kids tend to be motivated by rewards or stickers, the Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart is a fun way for them to check off each item on the routine list.  My kids love to look at their progress for the week.  It really does get the kids to doing their chores and daily routine, besides the obvious chore they are consistently neglecting on the chart.  For some reason, cleaning their room isn’t worth a smiley face?

Chore Chart.jpg

Watches–  I have so many wonderful things to say about the Garmin Vivofit Jr watches!  My kids got them as a present last Christmas and we have really enjoyed all they can do for our everyday routine!  They wanted a watch that acted like as a timepiece and a pedometer.  It seems like that would be an easy find, but there are so many of the kids watches that also have the ability to make calls, take photos or take videos.  I just feel those sort of capabilities need to be monitored closely, and they aren’t all the time with me to be able to do that.  This watch tells time, counts activity levels and measures sleep time and quality.   I also like that my husband and I can both track their activity from our phones.   This waterproof watch is super durable, can load chores on it where they can earn coins in their virtual piggy bank, has a fun game on there based off your activity goals, and there is a timer.  The timer is great until it backfires and they start holding me to the amount of time until I do something for them!

Garmin Vivofit Jr.jpg

Family Calendar – I know a lot of people use electronic calendars on their phones and synch them up with each other so everyone is on the same page.   But when your kids are young, it’s nice for them to see  and be involved in the calendar in a central location of the house.  List all of your activities and events on there for everyone to see.  I love the idea of having a magnetic weekly calendar and a monthly calendar on the fridge!

Timers–  Timers can be helpful to track time for reading for a certain amount of time, or to set for outside activity or playtime before dinner.  I tend to use the timer more for after school through dinner.  When the kids set the timer themselves, they take more ownership of the transition from one activity to the next.

Routine Cards–  Sometimes kids need visual reminders of what they need to get done when they wake up and get going, or when they are heading into bedtime in the evening.  Routine Cards have been so helpful to keeping everyone on task.  I’ve taped these on the mirror in the bathroom, set them up on the ledge in the kids room and put them up on the fridge. I just made this cards up as a cute way to guide them through their steps, but you could even use sticky notes if you wanted to simplify even more.  Download the FREE PRINTABLE !!

Daily Routine Cards 1Daily Routine Cards 02

I know as time goes on these tools will have to change to stay appropriate for their ages, but this is what is working, on most days, for now. What sort of Time Management Tools work for your kids?  The more ideas I get, the better we will all be at this!

*disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry, I always believe in the products I endorse. By clicking links and purchasing, I do made a small commission, because, who doesn’t love a little extra income, am I right?

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