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You guys, I really dislike shopping for myself.  Like, physically going into a store and finding pieces to add to my wardrobe is not fun times for me.  I used to say it was because I always had the kids with me, but that really isn’t even true.  When I was in my 20’s I loved to meander the aisles and try on a thousand things.  As I’ve gotten a bit older, I just don’t have the patience and I get overwhelmed and wish I would have just stayed home in my jammies.  Now, when it comes to the kids, I find the most joy in shopping for them.  It probably has to do that I know that they will look adorable in anything they put on, and I am in that weird spot where I want to be trendy and not dress old, but at the same time need to dress appropriate to my age.  Too much work!  This is why I LOVE style boxes!!!  I get a stylist to send me cute clothes that they’ve hand picked for me, and I get to take credit for their style sense all day long!  And it feels like such a luxury!!

This time I tried Trunk Club.  I was a little concerned about price since this is a Nordstrom Company, but I heard from a friend that you can request certain price points.  They do things a little different than something like Stitch Fix.  You still pay the $25 styling fee, that can go toward any purchase.  You fill out a short profile and then you are immediately connected by messenger to your stylist.  Your stylist can either talk with you over messenger or call you.  A CALL!  I actually got to talk to my stylist!  I’m feeling sort of spoiled and like I’m truly being styled!  You can chat with your stylist and send Pinterest boards to them as well.  Once they get an idea of what you are looking for they send you an initial preview.  A PREVIEW!  It takes away some of the excitement of surprise, but I really liked this feature because you have the initial review to remove items and give feedback as of why.  Once you do that, your stylist throws in a few more items to fill the trunk and the trunk is on it’s way!  You better believe I was tracking that thing all the way to my doorstep!!  Once you try on everything, you have 5 days to decide on what you want to keep.  They make it super easy to return the items you wan to send back with a shipping label and an option to schedule a UPS pickup.

Take a look at my trunk and let me know what you think!  What should I keep?  What should I send back?  If you want a trunk of your own from Trunk Club, click on this link here.

Trunk Club 12.jpg

I opened my box immediately and saw a note from my stylist.  I just love how personal this is!!  Like chatting with a friend.  She asked me a ton of questions and really wanted to know what I was looking for in a trunk.

Trunk Club 1Trunk Club 11

Let’s see what’s in my box! These pics of my goofy smiling self are proof that shopping at home makes my recluse heart happy!

Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton V Neck Pocket Tee–  I love this TShirt!  It is so soft and comfortable and right up my ally.  Such a simple thing to “love”, but I will wear the heck out of this.  Such a great transition piece since I can layer it under sweaters in a few months.

‘Le Color’ Skinny Jeans, FRAME–  So, I’m not sure if I just need a bigger size of these or if these are supposed to fit like this, but I felt a little bit like a stuffed sausage in these.  They were really nice fabric, and didn’t feel like they would stretch out through the day, which I love.  I also looked at a million glowing reviews of these jeans, so I know they are flattering on a lot of people, so I’m thinking a size up would be better on me.  I just don’t think that I can do $184 for these.  Like, they better make me look like Gisele if I’m paying that for white jeans.  *refer to exhibit A where I most certainly do NOT look like Gisele.

Marc Fisher LTD Rinna Crisscross Slide–  The color of these shoes are beautiful and they are SO COMFORTABLE.  But here’s the thing.  They are suede and look like I would “F” these up within days of wearing them.  I know myself and I know my kids.  I don’t have time for high maintenance shoes.  Sad reality of mom life.

Trunk Club 10

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Leith Longline Jacket–  I was a little worried about this one, because the model in the photo was obviously really tall and skinny, and I was thinking it might swallow me.  So glad I kept this in there because I am obsessed with this jacket!!  Not only is it lightweight and versatile, as I can throw it over just about anything as we are transitioning seasons, but I love the 80’s feel of it. Like I need a boombox to hold over my head to blast “In Your Eyes”. Love it and I’m definitely keeping!

Trunk Club 4Trunk Club 9

Chelsea28 ‘Peek A Boo’ Cold Shoulder Shift Dress–  I completely understand why my stylist sent this to me.  We had discussed her throwing in some essentials in this trunk to start building my wardrobe.  A LBD is something every girl needs.  This one, however, is really roomy in the body of the dress which does not flatter me at all.  It just felt like a potato sac.  I did think, “Well, this one might be nice if I’m feeling really bloated but I still need to look nice!”  Ha!  I’m thinking since it would only be a situational wear, it’s going to be a no on this one.

Trunk Club 8

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Levi’s 501 Floral Embroidered Crop Taper JeansSo maybe the word “Taper” should have deterred me, but you know, the whole 80’s thing!  And I know embroidery is so on trend right now, so I really wanted to try these.  Relaxed and crop should probably never be a style I attempt to wear on my short legs.  Now, I feel like maybe someone with longer legs could get away with a look like this.

JCrew Smocked Top– This top is really cute and very comfortable.  I was afraid all my bras would show with the square neckline, but that wasn’t the case.  And not paired with these paticular jeans, the shirt doesn’t make me seem so boxy.  It is a tad on the shorter side though, so I’m not sure on this one.

BaubleBar Chain Link Tassel Necklace  I really don’t have a lot of jewelry at the moment, and the jewery I do have is pretty simple.  I like the tassle detail but the chain might be a little chunky for my style.  I know a bunch of accessory obsessed friends who will be loving this one though.  What do you all think?

Sam Edelman ‘Gamma’ Lace Up Sandal  I have another pair of Sam Edelman sandals and those are just as comfortable as these.  They are really cute sort of gladiator style that tie up the front.  I’m on the fence about getting these because my northern heart wants to ditch the sandals and go straight to boots as soon as a chill hits the air in Georgia.  I realize we have a couple more months of warm weather, but I so badly want Fall to get here!!!

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Adelyn Rae Phoebe Ruffle Sheath Dress– I knew I was going to like this one from the preview.  Love the colors and the pattern.  This is too cute and can be versitile.  At first I was thinking it might be a little fancy for a date, which seems like the only thing I would really dress up for lately, but after talking to a girlfriend about layering with a leather jacket and/or booties to dress it down, it might be the perfect date night outfit.  Okay Bran, where are ya taking me?

Trunk Club 7

Oh, and I realized as I was hanging it back up that you can do a tighter neck setting for the clasp in the back!

Trunk Club 6

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*disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry, I always believe in the products I endorse. By clicking links and purchasing, I do made a small commission, because, who doesn’t love a little extra income, am I right?


  1. Erin

    August 12, 2017 at 3:45 am

    I actually adore the white shirt and cropped jeans look! The whole thing!! It doesn’t make you look boxy in my opinion. But that’s the style I love.

    1. littleducksfour

      August 12, 2017 at 12:22 pm

      Thanks Erin!! I love the laid back style of it! In fact, I think she really nailed my style with this outfit. And, I’m thinking I want the shirt!

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