Fairy Tale Tea Party Birthday

Recently, we threw my daughter a birthday party for the big number 8!  This was her first party since we moved to Georgia and she was so excited to invite all her new friends.  It took us about a year to get our bearings here, so I’ve been thrilled that she has met some really sweet friends to make memories with.  Since Cici is really into Fairy Tale characters lately, just recently seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie and binge watching the show Once Upon a Time on Netflix, the theme naturally seemed a fit for this year’s celebration.

I don’t know about you guys, but a big, expensive birthday party is just not in the budget for us, especially when we have so many fun things to plan for the rest of summer.  It’s a good thing I enjoy DIY projects!  With help of some special details, dollar store finds, spray paint and some coupons, this party came together beautifully and, most importantly, didn’t send us to the poor house!

Fairy Tale Tea 5

I follow this store, NarWall, on instagram, that has these amazing cutout chandeliers.  Her store has so many really cool ideas and party decor items!  And then I come to find out her headquarters is right down the street from me!  Check out her gorgeous blog!  Anyway, the larger chandeliers are $30 a pop, which for an event, is really not bad at all and makes for a beautiful detail.  But for a children’s party that I’m throwing together on some change, I was going to have to go cheaper.  So I found these cardboard hanging chandeliers (here) that went with a Paris theme party.  Then I just sprayed them with a couple layers of Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint first.  Let it dry.  And followed it up with the Rust-Oleum Gold Glitter Spray Paint for some sparkle.


Fairytale Tea Party Hanging Chandelier

Fariytale Tea Party TableFairy Tale Party 1

Fairy Tale Tea 7Fairy Tale Tea 6

For the book decor for the table, I just painted some book covers with different colors of craft paint.

Fairytale Tea Party Books

The Cake Stands were another DIY project.  Made from Dollar Tree chargers and glass candlesticks, these could not be a better (and cheaper) detail to add to your table.  I took the spray paints that I used on the chandelier and sprayed the candlesticks and the underside of the chargers gold.  Then I used the Amazing Goop Glue to affix it to the bottoms of the chargers.

Fairy Tale Tea 11Fairy Tale Tea 3

Fairy Tale Tea 9

Fairy Tale Tea 10

Fairytale Tea Invite.jpg

Fairy Tale Tea 8
The Birthday Girl!!

Ways I Saved Some Major Bucks

Location–  About a month before the party, I did a photo session for a sweet little boy at a park right down the street.  We went out early for the beautiful light, and I just fell in love with how magical the park felt that morning.  I decided that I would call to see how much it was to rent out the gazebo.  So when I called the city Parks and Recs, they told me since it was a small event, it was a first come first serve and there was no charge!  The gazebo had a large picnic table in the center of it and we just added chairs from our house.

Food– Okay, I will admit, I could have done a little better on the food budget.  I had planned a lot and when we got down to the last days, I was okay with not preparing everything myself.  I do think I saved by not ordering custom cupcakes.  I just bought some that were packaged and for sale as they were and I plopped a cherry on each one to make them cuter.  Instead of buying cheese cubes for the cheese appetizer, I found the cheaper way was to buy cheese sticks (that were on sale) and cut them into cubes myself.

Coupons–  I found great coupons for Micheals!  I joined the mailing list that told me about weekly deals and I took advantage of the half off the florals sale.  I also went on their site and got a 40% off a regular price item coupon.

Thrift Store–  I got super lucky at a local thrift store!  I went looking for teacups and found a whole box of china for $20.  Cici gasped when she saw the cups because she said they looked like Chip from Beauty and the Beast!  Our books we picked out to paint were thrown in for free because Cici told the cashier it was for her birthday party.  Bonus for having an outgoing cutie girl!!

Dollar Tree– As I stated above, I found the DIY cake stand supplies there, along with tableware, plasticware and napkins.  I love the Dollar Tree!!

Using Stuff I Had–  For table decor, I went to my box of Christmas ornaments and picked out anything that looked like the theme. I surprisingly had a lot in there that worked!  I used the underside of a quilt I had for the main table.  Now, in all honesty, I have an amazing aunt who is a quilter, so I did get lucky that I had this beautiful quilt just “laying around”.  But I did just bring it to lay down in the grass for present opening, but I didn’t love the tablecloth I got for the main table, so the quilt was a last minute decision that I think paid off.  I spray painted an old picture frame gold and also found some old votive holders I bought from Target ages ago.

Costume–  Belle Costume and Gloves.  I think we got a resonably inexpensive dress for how nice it was, but we did give that to her as one of her presents since she asked for a Belle costume for her actual birthday, which was a few days before the party.  Otherwise, she would have probably had a handful of options for outfits in her dress up closet.


All in all, the party was a success!  I had a ton of fun planning and running around with the family and involving them in the process as well!  Everyone had a part in the party, which made it even more of a special celebration!




*disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry, I always believe in the products I endorse. By clicking links and purchasing, I do made a small commission, because, who doesn’t love a little extra income, am I right?

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