If You Build It, Fairies Will Come

When I was about 4, my mom and I came up with a secret fairy house that we imagined was in a large knot in a tree down our driveway.  We would visit this fairy house on the way back from dropping my sister off at the bus stop.  We would talk about the fairies even when we got home because it was so fun to imagine what the fairy world was like.  Often times we made crafts, wrote letters, and decorated construction paper Christmas Trees and other seasonal items to drop off in the fairy house.  It was so special that this was something only my mom and I did together.  I am the middle of three, so a lot of our fun was the three of us, but my mom had a knack for making us all feel individually special.  She still does.  So when a package came in the mail for the kids and we found this “Fairy Houses” book and a plastic tube of little fairies, I was tickled and excited to pass on those memories with my own children.

We read through the cute little book to get our inspiration. According to the book, by fairy rules, the fairy house had to be constructed in only natural materials and nothing living like flowers or moss that we had to remove.  We collected our leaves and sticks we found on the ground as well as the seashells that we had saved from the beach.  The only thing we sort of fudged on were the glittered pinecones, but I figured since they were from nature at some point, we wouldn’t get in trouble for a little sparkle.  They ARE fairies and fairies are known for their sparkle!

Fairy House 7
Pixie Dust Necklace

Fairy House 6Fairy House 1Fairy House 5

Fairy House 4
Finished Fairy House. Pretty fancy if you ask me!
Fairy House 3
No Fairy house is complete without a luxury bathtub made from seashell.

Fairy House 8

When they asked to go outside the next morning I knew why. So I snuck out to find them discussing what sort of food they should leave the fairies today and about refilling the bathtub for them. The tradition continues and my heart is completely warmed!!!

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