Saturday at the Ponce

Ponce City Market, which the kids call “That place we saw Santa Claus”, is a cool shopping market that is in the old Sears, Roebuck & Company building in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta.  They have great stores and their Food Court is amazing with a variety of eclectic and trendy options.  We’ve tried a few places there and I liked and would return to all of them, you know, when I’ve eaten my way through the whole market.  On this trip we tried the new restaurant on the second floor called The Mercury.

The ambiance was nice, I enjoyed the industrial decor and the food was delicious.  I particularly liked my internal game of counting how many Man Buns I saw in there.  But the real star of the show here was their Art O Mat at the hostess stand in the front.  Out with the cigs and in with the tiny handmade art!  It was the source of entertainment for the kids the whole time we were there.  That and, oh yeah, the big honking piece of sprinkled birthday cake with a huge sparkler sticking out of it, made for a very enjoyable lunch.


Shopping and a little wine followed.  When Brandon brought a huge can toward me I was really wondering why he returned from checking something out at a store with a big beer, since I really don’t like beer.  And like, are we just going to sit here and pass back and forth this ginormous can of beer while our kids run around hopped up on birthday cake?  It made it all better, and somehow way more civilized when I realized the can was full of wine and we got little plastic cups to pour it in.  Major points for the hubs.  So we sat, drank wine chatted and laughed while our kids ran around hopped up on birthday cake, and I was okay with it.


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